Youth Karate


The Youth Karate program is aged for children aged 8 to 13 years old, The Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy offers 8 to 10 youth classes per week. Ideally, we would like parents to commit to bringing their child in for 2 or more classes per week. Each class will focus on one aspect of the overall Martial Arts Program:

Belt Curriculum


Stances & Strikes

Forms & Patterns

Self Defense & Jiu-Jitsu


Weapons Training


Our Martial Arts Program, while presented under the “karate” banner, actually includes elements from several different Martial Arts experience and education. When a child earns his/her Canadian Sport Martial Arts Academy black belt, they will truly understand what it means to be a Martial Artist and that anything in life is achievable if you put your mind, body and spirit into it!

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